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COZ Public Relations offers PR agency owners an extension of self with our experienced virtual assistant service. Whether you can't find the time to grow your client base; find that your personal PR is always the lowest priority; or just need one-off support during a big project, COZ PR can help. Working with us will give you all the benefits of an experienced PR and administration expert without the expense of an employee or the hassle of recruitment.

Our director Kayleigh offers a PR business strategy service for clients who want support with the development and management of their agencies, including establishing standard operating procedures, recruiting the right team, developing packages, and using the appropriate tools.

COZ PR has also launched a PR training scheme, 'From VA to VPRA' for VA's who want to upskill and broaden their client offering. Interested VA's can find out more here.


Here is a sample of some of the phenomenal results COZ PR has been achieving with, and for our amazing clients.

The Independent - Garnet PR, March 2021

MailOnline - Garnet PR, March 2021

MSN UK - Garnet PR, March 2021

The Successful Founder - Garnet PR, March 2021

Fabulous Magazine - Garnet PR, March 2021

Sheerluxe - Garnet PR, March 2021

We Are The City - Garnet PR, March 2021

Business Leader - Garnet PR, March 2021

The Best Life Project - Garnet PR, March 2021

Knutsford Guardian - Garnet PR, March 2021

Cheshire Life - Garnet PR, March 2021

Leeds TV – Chocolate PR, March 2021

Female First – IndigoSoulPR, March 2021

Daily Express – IndigoSoulPR, March 2021

The Sun – IndigoSoulPR, March 2021

Health & Wellbeing – IndigoSoulPR, March 2021

Mr & Mrs 50 Plus – Chocolate PR, March 2021

Entirely – Chocolate PR, March 2021

Authority Magazine – Chocolate PR, March 2021

The Telegraph – Chocolate PR, March 2021

Thrive Global – COZ PR, March 2021

The Successful Founder – COZ PR, March 2021

Bdaily – Garnet PR, March 2021

Authority Magazine – Chocolate PR, February 2021

Huffington Post – Garnet PR, February 2021

The Best Life Project – Garnet PR, February 2021

Creative Brief – Chocolate PR, January 2021

The Successful Founder – Chocolate PR, January 2021

Female First – Chocolate PR, January 2021

The i paper – Chocolate PR, January 2021

Real Business – Chocolate PR, January 2021

The Mirror – IndigoSoulPR, January 2021

Yahoo! – Angel Rated, January 2021

The Telegraph – COZ PR, January 2021

Metro – IndigoSoulPR, December 2020

MSN Lifestyle – Garnet PR, December 2020

Sheffield Star – Garnet PR, December 2020

Business Live – COZ PR, November 2020

News Guardian – Garnet PR, October 2020


COZ PR has been providing virtual public relations assistance to the PR industry since it was founded by Kayleigh Johnstone in 2020. She personally trains and selects the VA's she works with, matching the perfect associate to each client.

Kayleigh has over 10 years experience in business management and public relations which has given her the highest standards of communication, organisation, flexibility, and productivity. Kayleigh considers herself to be a professional problem solver, taking pride in her lateral thinking skills and always working in the best interests of the client with a strong results-based outlook.

For PR agencies who are looking for business analysis and strategy, Kayleigh delivers a tailored, personal service. She will work 1:1 with the agency owner to integrate with the daily management of the accounts, before advising on best practices moving forwards. Kayleigh can support boutique PR agencies with niching, recruitment, business tool selection and set up, SOP's, pricing, packages, and more.

Based in Cheshire, COZ PR can provide services either virtually or face to face.

VPRA Services

Our range of services is designed to help you in the day-to-day management of your life, whether you require PR tasks or business administration. You might be a start-up company, SME, sole trader or a private individual - if you are in the PR industry we can help you to stay organised and maximise your productivity. We become part of your team from day one, using internal email addresses should you prefer it, allowing for a seamless transition with your colleagues, clients and suppliers.

more about our services


We can support you in preparing a pitch to a prospective new client or in developing new packages and pricing structures for your own business. We are also experienced at creating new business processes to streamline your operation.

Client Liaison

Particularly important for smaller PR's, we give you the security you need to be able to take time off, book holidays or just relax, knowing that your clients have a trusted representative of your business available should they require it.

Content Creation

It might be a heavily researched feature, a short but sweet listicle, a factual press release, an easy-to-read round-up or an opinion-based blog - whatever the content, our copywriting experts are able to customise their work to meet your, and your clients' needs.


We are experienced in using all mainstream PR databases to curate and manage comprehensive media lists, as well as conducting hands-on research to develop a more bespoke list, or for those who do not subscribe to a media database.

media mapping

We can work on your behalf to identify the media outlets that you and your clients should be appearing in. By assessing regular features, customer demographics, readership and content, we are able to easily compare and select target media and possible outcomes.


We know exactly when and how to pitch, and more crucially, when and how not to. Whether it's avoiding press day, or knowing which platform journalists prefer to be pitched via, we have the expertise to get this vital task right.

Press Office Admin

Whether it's establishing a master news plan, creating a distribution checklist, researching regular features or getting your business cloud-based, we are able to tailor your administrative set up to PR and journalist needs using the most suitable digital tools for the job.

Press Trips

A speciality of COZ PR, we love researching media hooks and putting itineraries together; sourcing and booking accommodation, transport and ancillary needs. We create travel documentation which is on-brand, sleek and professional, and we always work within set guidelines.


Whether you require a presentation, graph, chart or verbal report, we can produce a succinct demonstration of findings from results generated, research undertaken, data supplied, surveys carried out, and more.


You may wish to have a comprehensive list of competitors; a shortlist of prospective hires; a summary of potential new clients; or suggestions of event venues. Whatever the requirement, we conduct comprehensive research to simplify your decision making process.

Social Media

Still one of the most vital tools in the PR handbook, but one that often gets overlooked when it comes to managing our own accounts. We can undertake this on your behalf, scheduling bespoke, targeted posts and making direct connections with your target audience.

Statistical Analysis

Excel is one of our favourite tools and we consider it a happy day when we master a new formula or macro! We make an assessment of your supplied data and present it in tables, charts and graphs, with a written summary of findings.

If the service you want isnt listed here, give us a call or email us to see what we can offer.

+44 (0) 7989 986210


“I brought COZ PR on board initially to put together some media lists for me, and we quickly moved on to Kayleigh supporting me in an account manager role. Her proactivity, thinking outside the box and making great suggestions is a breath of fresh air – I’m really impressed and grateful.”

Rhiannon Bates, Founder and PR Director,
Garnet PR

“Kayleigh is so passionate about her work and this shows and shines through. I run a small business and she has given me many effective marketing ideas for my social media platform. This has now given me the confidence in an area I lacked, which will always help my business thrive.”

Laura Betton, Owner,
Hidden Beauty

“We employed COZ PR to put together a media list for us to help with issuing press releases and the like. We found Kayleigh polite and easy to work with. The list was put together quickly and efficiently but with no compromise to quality. The uptake on our press releases has increased since we’ve been using the list Kayleigh provided.”

Will Dorrell, Partner,
Hoo Farm Animal Kingdom

"Kayleigh is a very confident, organised and enthusiastic person to work with. She is an intelligent and driven individual with excellent team working skills and the ability to successfully communicate with both management and staff levels. A pleasure to work with, I would recommend Kayleigh to any company looking to deliver drive, develop problem solving and maintain quality standards."

Rachel Carter, MD,
RLC Rockets

"Kayleigh is someone that I've had the pleasure of working with in my time as a journalist. She's efficient, conscientious and hard working and always seemed to anticipate what I would need for a story ahead of time. You can't help but warm to Kayleigh - her genuine warmth and eagerness to drive results put her at one of my go-to people when I need help or resources.."

Lauretta Wright, Co-Owner and Editor,

"Kayleigh provided me with enhanced web copy for an SEO project. During the process she was always professional and friendly, a pleasure to work with. The work was completed to a high standard and before the due date. She made sure the copy was as the brief instructed with no issues at all. Looking forward to working with her on future requirements."

Natalie Took, Social Media Manager,

Latest news

Getting motivated


Motivation. Purpose, get-up-and-go, enthusiasm, drive, determination, impulse.

We all have it, but some days it can be harder to find than others. This is particularly true when working from home under the current lockdown conditions. Here are our top tips on how to find your motivation.

1. Have a shower. The hot water has an invigorating effect, and repeating your daily habit of washing can trick your brain into beginning again.

2. Think of something you’ve achieved that has made you proud recently, and how you felt that day. Start your day/task with that feeling in mind.

3. Put on a daft song, LOUD, and dance around like Mick Jagger in ‘Dancing in the Street’. This does wonders to clear the mind and release endorphins.

4. Call someone for a 5-minute chat about nothing in particular – distract yourself so when you hang up, you are ready to face the world.

5. Turn your phone off, close the curtains, get back into bed and stick something great on Netflix – NB save this one for if tips 1-4 fail. Sometimes taking a break is the best thing to reset our mental state and motivate us for the next day.



As a new(ish) business, there has been lots of groundwork in place to get to the point of website launch and securing clients. There is a lovely exemplar of this in the story of the Chinese Bamboo Tree.

Planted in year one, the seed needs to be nurtured in good soil, watered regularly, and given enough sunshine.

In year two, there is no visible activity above the ground, however unseen, the seed is putting out roots, building a strong foundation.

The same continues throughout years three and four, with the farmer maintaining focus and care.

In year five, the efforts and perseverance are rewarded as the tree finally shows growth - and incredible growth at that! It shoots up 80 feet in only 6 weeks.

This can be likened to any new business. Put in the toil, dedicate the time, and don't give up prematurely just because we don't see any growth on the surface. We may become disheartened when we see the trees of our peers sprouting faster. To continue the gardening analogy, perhaps they planted a buddleia. However, if we don't give up, the seeds of our dreams will bear fruit one day, be that in days, weeks, months, or even, like the Chinese Bamboo Tree, years.



One thing we're often asked is "what sort of content should I be posting on my social media"?

There is so often a disconnect between the work someone does to grow their client's reputation vs focusing on their own - namely, the client work always comes first! Sound familiar?

However with a little bit of planning, you can make sure your social media profile is full of interesting, regular content. Here are our top tips on how to get started.

1. Choose a scheduler. Hootsuite offers a free membership allowing you to schedule 30 posts at a time across 3 social media accounts.

2. Choose a platform to focus on. We like LinkedIn for its amazing networking capabilities plus it's the most user friendly for having a detailed and active company page.

3. Look through your connections posts for content which inspires you - it could make you smile, think, want to share it, anything!

4. Start noting down your own ideas for content - here are a few places to start.

share articles you've enjoyed readingshare client news, especially coverage you've generatedwrite about a service you offershare a testimonial you have receivedpost a favourite quoteresearch upcoming key datesmake a videotalk about your business journeyshare some tips
5. When you know the content you are comfortable sharing, start putting it into your scheduler. There is no real formula about what's best when, so go for what feels natural. Once a day, once a week - just put it on a regular schedule so your posting is consistent.

6. Try and use relevant hashtags for your content and industry so it is easier for your target client to see it.

7. Download the relevant SM app to your phone and turn on notifications so you can respond quickly to anyone reacting to your posts.

8. Try and pop on once a day to like and share content your network is posting.

If that sounds like too much to add to your task list right now, our social media management package costs £300 per month and includes the research, writing and scheduling of 3 posts per week on one channel.

You can find more information here about the ways COZ Personal Representation can help you. If you want to see if we are the right agency for your business, please contact us.



Have you decided to take the plunge and bring a VA on board, but aren't sure where to begin your search for the right person? Here are our tips to help you find the perfect virtual assistant.

1. Know what your needs are. This can be as simple as looking at your past to-do lists and identifying the tasks you dislike doing and the tasks which are not your core business services.

2. Ask your business associates who they use. If there is someone you admire who appears to be highly organised, it's likely they have a VA supporting them.

3. Decide if you want a VA with any additional skills - languages, public relations, email marketing etc. This will help in narrowing your search.

4. Set a budget. Depending on how you want to introduce a VA into your schedule this may be a one-off cost or an hourly, monthly or annual consideration.

5. Work out how you want to bring them on board. Do you want a fully virtual service or some face to face contact. Do you want to hire someone, or would you rather use an agency/freelancer and avoid the associated costs of employment?

6. When you have shortlisted your ideal candidates, don't be afraid to test them out. Arrange a trial period to see if you mesh well together.

Remember, the best VA will be far more than an assistant. They will act as an extension of you, giving you more time to focus on the crucial tasks which will achieve your business goals.

You can find more information here about the ways COZ Personal Representation can help you. If you want to see if we are the right agency for your business, please contact us.



Great! You’ve just taken the first step in saving time and maximising your productivity. Perhaps you’ve appointed your VA already, or are considering delegating some work for the first time. But what tasks can you allocate?

Here’s a list of 5 things a VA can do for you.

1. Diary Management

Vital to streamlined business yet often overlooked due to lack of impact on the bottom line, this is a good task to start with if you are new to outsourcing your admin. A VA can easily manage your diary remotely using one of the many digital calendars available. From juggling your various activities to colour-coding the different events or acting as a reminder for any black outs or key dates coming up, there are many things a VA can do to help you regain control of your schedule. Using a cloud-based calendar means you can instantly see any updated information on all your devices.

2. Inbox Management

This vital task often goes hand in hand with diary management, and has been flagged as a source of ‘Monday Anxiety’ for many. Banish any bad feelings about your emails by appointing a VA who can achieve Inbox Zero. A good assistant will quickly learn the key contacts who need immediate action, draft responses in your tone of voice, reply any standard templates, set up priority filters, and keep your diary updated with inbox information – including meeting attendees, maps, ticketing information and more.

3. Lifestyle Administration

This is the one that people are often surprised about! Managing a high-level position with what is often a very busy lifestyle can bring unnecessary challenges, which are easily solved by delegating ‘life admin’ to your VA. From arranging birthday cards and presents, to comparison shopping for utilities and insurances, or liaising with household suppliers such as childcare and after-school activities, your VA can add an expert level of organisation to your personal life, removing stress and hassle for you to focus solely on the bottom line.

4. Public Relations

As your business grows, so should the profile and reputation. You may not be ready to appoint a PR agency, yet recognise the need for some press office function. A VA with public relations experience can write and distribute press releases and newsletters, develop media contact lists and relationships with key publications, collate your coverage, and create media kits.

5. Book-keeping

This may be as simple as collating expenses receipts (either via the post or digitally), or as in-depth as preparing invoices, forecasts and general ledger management. Many clients seek something in between – mileage records, credit card statement reconciliations and expenses claims. Your VA can relieve you of this time-consuming and often arduous task, freeing up your time to concentrate on your core business. It can also be combined with diary management to maximise efficiency.

You can find more information here about the ways COZ Personal Representation can help you. If you want to have a chat about our services or have decided what tasks you want to delegate, contact us.



It’s been a relatively quiet month.

April saw the number of COVID-19 cases pass 1 and then 2 million worldwide. It brought the UK’s second stage of lockdown, we saw an amazing fundraiser from Colonel Tom Moore generate over £30 million for NHS Charities Together, and businesses seem to be settling down to a ‘new normal’.

Here at COZ home office we seem to become more institutionalised by the day. Not quite to the level of corona-phobia, but enough to feel some apprehension about what the exit strategy for lockdown will look like.

On the plus side, the economy seems to be fighting back. Speaking to clients across various industries we are even hearing about uplifts in trade, some as a direct result of COVID, some despite it. It is across travel and hospitality we see catastrophe still looming, with BA announcing mass redundancies and the threat of retrospective refund policy changes. It remains to be seen how it will pan out, but we are keeping positive by planning our 2021 holidays and taking vouchers rather than refunds for 2020 plans. There is also the hope that domestic tourism will see a massive boost in popularity and income as a result of the present situation.

Difficult to have much to say on April really! No doubt May will bring greater change once more.



A light-hearted round up of the most cringeworthy and overused terminology in the business world.

110% - This one is a personal bugbear for our founder who will say at top volume as many times as is necessary “IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO GIVE MORE THAN 100%!”

As I said in my previous email - Yes, we get it, you are frustrated repeating yourself. No need for the passive-aggression. (Actually, one or two of us in the office quite like this one!)

Blue-sky thinking - This one is just torture! Is there really no other way to say creative? (You can also substitute thinking outside the box for an equally aggravating phrase.)

Forward planning - and any other tautology. By definition a plan is for the future so the addition of forward is unnecessary.

Going forward / Moving forward - Irrelevant filler words designed to demonstrate that someone has screwed up but we aren’t going to dwell on it.

Reach out - OK, if you are one of the Four Tops, you get a pass on this one. Otherwise, it’s not for you.

Uncharted territory - This probably wouldn’t have been on the list in 2019, but every email seems to start with some form of this phrase. See also strange times and unprecedented.

PS, don’t feel bad if you use any of these. On writing we realised that some of us have a particular fondness for pivot (though suspect this will become overused very quickly in these strange times), hit the ground running and extension of your team. As long as your whole vocab isn’t made up of buzzwords, you’re probably alright.



As Martin Luther King JR said, “never lose infinite hope”, so with that in mind and staying hopeful that the world will heal, find a new normal and the travel industry will recover, we asked around to find out where was top of the travel bucket list for 2021 - here’s some of the replies we got:

Scotland is top of the list for quite a few people, with one saying “I am from just outside Glasgow, still have family there and travel home several times a year. I didn’t realise how much I missed it until I wasn’t allowed to visit. I’ll be taking my family up as soon as restrictions are lifted and it’s safe”. Snaptrip has revealed that the Scottish Highlands are the most searched for destination for 2021.

Slightly further afield and nominated by our founder is Bali - “my Dad lives in Bali and it’s been really hard having that distance and time difference between us during lockdown. I take my children as often as I can so I’m really looking forward to going back. It’s one of my favourite places and we always get such a warm welcome”.

Other destinations mentioned include Croatia. This gloriously sunny country has a starring role in Game of Thrones, which is only one reason for its appeal; “I’ve wanted to visit Croatia for years. I love Rome and Roman architecture, and Croatia is reputed to have some stunning Roman ruins. Realising that I might never get to visit has pushed it straight to the top of my list.”

Fun fact - in 2021 Croatia will be celebrating it’s 30th year of independence.

And finally (and hopefully not controversially) we had the contemporary response of “wherever there’s a crowd! I’ve been in solitary lockdown for three weeks now and I miss people. Maybe New York? Or Barcelona?”

Where’s top of your post-COVID travel bucket list?



"Stop 2020, I want to get off!"

There have been a plethora of memes making their way around the internet in the past few weeks, the most notable of which terminates 2020 without notice or redundancy. If only life was that easy. We started the year with the catastrophic fires in Australia; February saw the destruction of crops in Africa by an enormous plague of locusts, and March ended Q1 with Britain in lockdown, potentially suffering its worst economic crisis since the 2008 financial crash. One would be forgiven for thinking the world was suffering from the 10 plagues.

However, maybe 2020 can still redeem itself. There has been a silver lining to COVID-19 as we have realised just how much we have to be thankful for. We have been given unprecedented levels of support from the government. Communities have banded together to create help networks for the most vulnerable. Business are collaborating, not competing in order to support the unemployed, the industries facing decimation, and our vital keyworkers. Kindness is reappearing in the world.

We have faith that better things are round the corner - though if frogs end up covering the U.K, we reserve the right to fire 2020 immediately!

thoughts on febRUARY 2020


It's been a challenging month. Some of our key clients are in the travel industry, and with the coronavirus sweeping the globe, uncertainty and anxiety is rife. However, things aren't all bad in COZ PR world. Our shiny new website is finally up and running, we have a lovely new client, and we are in London next week talking to some of our favourite journalists and editors!

We have also been trialling a staggered 4-day week, and thus far it's working well. Dead time has been reduced, increasing productivity overall. We are also finding that clients aren't particularly demanding after noon on a Friday! It's not always easy to keep motivated, and its really not easy to switch off on non-work days, but the intensity of work output is incredible. Let's see how it pans out over the rest of the year.

We are also testing a new company ethos - reply only within working hours regardless of when the message is received. We are all guilty of sending emails when they come into our heads: working late, on holiday, whatever - but with no expectation of reply at that time. So why do we put that burden on ourselves? #realswitchoff

Finally, something that has been a real point of discussion around the virtual water cooler is #megxit. General consensus seems to be that Haz n' Megs need a new PR, PA, the lot! At least watching their antics on instagram has kept our mind off COVID-19 somewhat! We are looking forward to seeing what happens in the coming days on their farewell tour.

Here's hoping for a happier March.

how to stay sane when working from home


Following today's announcement that schools will be closing as of next week, many parents will be having to increase their flexibility and work from home - while supervising children. Here are our top tips on how to stay sane and productive.

1. Create an 'office'
Maintaining a designated space away from distractions - even if its the kitchen table - helps to keep your mind on the job. Creating the illusion that you are at an office will increase your success and decrease the chances you stop to load the dishwasher or raid the fridge (ok, maybe not the kitchen table!). It also helps you to maintain a 'sacred space', so your home environment doesn't become entirely about work.

2. Develop a routine
One positive to working from home is that there is no time wasted on a commute, which in some cases can increase productivity by hours a day. Work out how you are going to create a feel that you are 'off to work' - this might mean showering, changing out of nightwear, even making a coffee in a travel mug.

3. Plan your food
With constant access to the kitchen, it can be very easy to pick all day - or perhaps that's just us? We have found that planning your break times and meals/snacks helps to avoid mindless grazing. It's easy to gain weight when working from home due to the lack of activity, so keeping an eye on intake is an easy win. Plan lots of fruit, veg and a healthy breakfast to improve focus and concentration.

4. Move, move, move
Talking of lack of activity, it is really important to have regular breaks and get moving. A fitbit is great for this, as you can set up reminders each hour of the steps you have left to do. Make your break worthwhile by getting away from your screens and getting some fresh air if possible.

5. Train your family
We readily admit this one may not be possible, but if you can, set some guidelines from the off. Knock before entering, don't shout between rooms, and implement a 'question time' are all good starting points for families with older children. Those with younger children interrupting... we suggest Netflix, Amazon Prime, Now TV, Disney Life... and the best of British luck - and a reminder that if it can happen on the BBC, it can happen to anyone!

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We think that our services are a necessity, not a luxury, so we keep our pricing and packages affordable, without tying clients into long contracts.

We work on ad-hoc, retainer, and fixed-price contracts, with the scope of work, terms and pricing agreed together before any tasks are begun.

Ad hoc hours - £35 per hour
Block booking of 10 or more hours - £30 per hour

Please visit 'From VA to VPRA' for more details

Consultancy is delivered on a bespoke basis, please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.


Whether you'd like more information on our services, would like to discuss pricing, are interested in finding out more about our training courses, or you're an existing client looking for support, please do get in touch.

You can do this by email, phone or using the contact form, and one of the team will get back to you within 24 hours.

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